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NFT Terms and Conditions

  • The copyright and any other rights of this sound work (hereinafter the "Sound Work") is owned by Audiostock. For purposes of this terms and conditions, "Audiostock", "we", "us" and "our" mean Audiostock Inc.

  • One (1) Sound Work will be included for each NFT sold in our collection, “Japanese Traditional Music-WAGAKKI-”.

  • We grant the holder of the NFT of this Sound Work a license to freely use this Sound Work and to create User Contents (as defined in the next paragraph), whether commercial or non-commercial, for the period during which you hold the NFT, to the extent that such use does not violate this terms and conditions. This license may be referred to as the "License".

  • User Contents means videos, slide shows, and other media contents created by the NFT holder that incorporates this Sound Work in a manner that does not conflict with this terms and conditions.

  • The holder of the NFT may sell the NFT to any third-party. When the holder of the NFT changes, the original holder's License will be terminated, and the License will be granted by us to the next owner. However, the original holder may continue to use the User Contents already created within the scope of this terms and conditions while they were the NFT holder.

  • Our liability is limited to licensing of the Sound Work to the holder of the NFT. We are not involved in the transaction of the NFT, the payment to purchase NFT, or the storage of this Sound Work data, and we are not responsible for any problems caused by these transactions and will not provide refunds. Issues in which we are not involved and for which we have no responsibility include, but not limited to, the followings:​

    • Lost, leaked or unauthorized access to IDs and passwords

    • Fraud, theft, system malfunction, abnormal price fluctuation, or any other aspect of NFT purchase, storage, or trading

    • Defect in the blockchain

    • Loss of data or loss of access due to malfunctions in the server storing the Sound Work data

    • Restrictions or burdens on NFT purchases, storage, or transactions due to taxation or regulation by tax authorities or other government agencies


1. Notwithstanding any other provision, you may not use the Sound Work in a manner primarily intended to exploit the value, and/or misrepresent the origin of, the Sound Work. For example:

(i) Publication of the Sound Work as it is or edited as one's own music or sound work.

(ii) Layering the Sound Works (or one of the Sound Work and sounds) and publishing them as one's own sound work.

(iii) Producing and publishing a music video of the Sound Work.

2. Notwithstanding the preceding clause, the following use shall not be prohibited if the User Contents created by the NFT holder has a separate and independent creative element from the Sound Work.

(i) Sampling the Sound Work (such as a SE or rhythm track) and incorporating it into a User Contents created by the NFT holder

(ii) Use of the Sound Work as an intro, interlude or a part of a piece of music produced by the NFT holder.

(iii) Use the work as a theme song, Background Music (BGM), or jingle for the User Contents.

3. Notwithstanding the clause 1 and 2 of this "Prohibition" NFT holder is permitted to use the Sound Work as a BGM.

4. Allowing any third party to use the Sound Works, including, but not limited to, the following uses are prohibited. However, the use of the Sound Works by a third party which arises inevitably by the use of the User Contents shall be allowed:

(i) Sell, provide free of charge, lend, or allow the usage of the Sound Work to a third party, or make the Sound Work available for reproduction by a third party, except as permitted in this terms and conditions.

(ii) Transfer or sublicense the right to use the Sound Work to a third party, except by the way of transferring the underlying NFT

5. To use as a material for analysis or research, such as using it as training data for machine learning shall be prohibited.

6. Creating or publishing a work (e.g., videos) that sings (such as by adding lyrics) the Sound Work shall be prohibited.

7. Use that infringes the moral rights of the creator of the Sound Work, such as the following uses shall be prohibited.

(i) Use of the Sound Work for purposes offensive to public order and morals, such as promoting discrimination, encouraging suicidal or self-injurious behavior, etc.

(ii) Use the Sound Work in the adult entertainment industry, pornography, adult content, or other similar media or purposes

(iii) Use the Sound Work in a manner that defames or discredits the creator of the Sound Work

(iv) Use the Sound Work for any illegal, false, or defamatory articles, videos, advertisements, or propaganda

(v) To use the Sound Work in a significantly altered form (excluding volume control, fade-in/fade-out, looping, cutting, or other minor sound quality adjustments).

8. Any other use that we notified as inappropriate use shall be prohibited.

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